Fire and Forget

If you’d asked me a year ago if I would ever start a blog, let alone start writing again, I probably would have laughed and said hell no. After taking five and a half years to complete a Psychology degree that qualified me to work as a waitress, I thought I had done enough writing. Academic papers and frantically taking notes during class had sort of ruined for me what was once a beloved creative outlet.

A healthy dose of adversity over the past year got me writing again though. I needed an outlet to work through my thoughts and feelings, and jotting down my thoughts — whether it was in a hurry, or a long, drawn out process fuelled with a bottle of wine (more often the latter), helped me learn a lot about myself. It was a therapeutic process that I wanted to start taking more seriously. Writing opened me up to the possibility of going back to school, getting a start on an education in Public Relations, and doing something creative and productive with my life.

In the formative stages of this blog I had flip flopped over what I actually wanted to accomplish with it. Did I want to it to be a lifestyle blog, or a social commentary, or a fashion blog, or to just chronicle my love of food? Would I use it to talk about my long distance relationship, travel plans, or fitness goals? Or would it just be one more thing that I started and quickly lost interest in?

Then I learned that one of my favourite blogs was going on an indefinite hiatus. I was shocked, upset… and then inspired. This blog was all about building women up, motivating them to achieve their goals, and offering education on ways to help get whatever it was they were pursuing off the ground. It did all of this in a way that made me feel like I was part of a tight-knit community of women that cared about one another and wanted to see everyone succeed. 

Ultimately, I still want to write about all sorts of things, and I’m not excluding the possibility that some of these blog posts will be indulgent food or fashion plugs. That being said, one thing I definitely want to focus on is inspiring others, and sharing what I learn during my journey through school and into my future career.

If all else fails, hopefully someone will learn something from the likely blunders I’ll make along the way.

So now, despite the anxiety at finally sharing my first blog post, I’ll just follow some very helpful advice I received from a fellow writer; fire and forget.

Thank you for reading, talk soon.




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